Rolf Harris and Carol Jarvis – an unlikely duo….

10th February 2010

“Smile – Carol Jarvis”

In September last year we undertook a recording with the ladies from “Boobs and Brass” and flugel soloist John Lee with the entire proceeds from the sale of these CDs being donated to the cancer charity Breast Cancer Campaign. The success of that CD can only be described as remarkable.

Taking part in that recording was Carol Jarvis, an international trombonist, who has now launched her own solo CD “Smile”. Carol was diagnosed in 2004 with Hodgkins Lymphoma but she continues her fight with the disease with pioneering treatment whilst maintaining her position as one of the finest instrumentalists.

The CD features a number of well known titles in addition to material written especially for the release, one additional highlight is the beautiful cover image, “Golden Girl” painted by the artist Rolf Harris in support of the project. Money raised from sales will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The CD is due for release on the 25th of February but it can be pre-ordered from Divine Art. After the release date it will also be available from Macmillan Cancer Support. and for download on iTunes and Amazon.

Should you have any difficulties please contact us here and to learn more about Carol Jarvis visit her website at

Viva Musica! by the Band of the Royal Corps of Signals

13th January 2010

 “Viva Musica” MHP1509

We have now completed the work with the Band of the Royal Corps of Signals.

 The CD will be launched at a concert which will be held on Thursday 25th February 2010 at Milton Abbey in Blandford Dorset

 You can learn more about the band at their website The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals.

Belgian Nick Ost and Fodens Band CD recording

“Over The Edge” MHP1609

The work with the Belgian euphonium player Nick Ost and the Fodens Band has now been completed and the CD will be available in early February.

The recording features works by Flemish composers including François Glorieux, Roger Derongé, Bart Picqueur and Bart Watté.

The details and availabilty of the CD can be found on the Nick Ost and Fodens Band websites.

Another encouraging review from

“Scherzo Brass MHP1309”

We have had another complimentary review published on the brass band website, on this occasion the review of Scherzo Brass which was completed in August.

The review praises the repertoire and the playing but also adds:- With excellent post-production work (the recording ambience is sharp but intimate) and comprehensive sleeve notes, Scherzo has delivered a very fine debut release.

The full review can be found at

New military band recording

“Viva Musica” MHP1509

We have just returned from Blandford in Dorset having recorded the Band of The Royal Corps of Signals.

The project was undertaken at the beautiful Milton Abbey School and the music consists of the traditional military repertoire with some fine solo and vocal contributions.

The CD will be launched in February with a concert in Milton Abbey and you can learn more about the band at their website The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals.

Latest website review of our work

“Diamond Celebration MHP309”

A comprehensive review of the Rushen Silver Band and their new CD has been published on the brass band website

The pleasing review notes:- The post production quality is excellent too – from the ‘in house’ art work and music notes to the usual high standard of the recording itself from Music House Productions

 The full review can be found at

Rare issue of one of Mendelssohn’s finest

“St Paul-The Tatton Singers” MHP 1809

The work on the recording of the Tatton Singers singing the Mendelssohn oratorio St Paul has been completed and the double CD of the work will be available at the next choir concert, the Annual Christmas Concert, which is being held on Saturday 12th of December.

During Mendelssohn’s lifetime, St Paul was a popular and frequently performed work. However, compared with such oratorios as Messiah, the Bach Christmas Oratorio and St Matthew Passion or even Mendelssohn’s own Elijah it has failed to maintain its place in the choral repertory and is now rarely performed in its entirety.[

It is believed that this is the first recording of the entire work sung in English and further information about the recording, the choir and their concert schedule please visit their website at The Tatton Singers.

Full House at the Lighthouse for charity launch

29th November 2009

“Whatever it Takes” MHP 709

The launch concert for the solo CD of flugel soloist John Lee with the girls from “Boobs and Brass” was held at the Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering on Saturday 28th November 2009.

 The event was sold out and appearing with the girls were the members of the world famous Brighouse and Rastrick Band.

 The entire proceeds from the concert and the CD sales will be donated to the charity Breast Cancer Campaign and an excellent start was made during the evening with in excess of three hundred CD sales.

 Learn more about the “Boobs and Brass” ladies at their website Boobs and Brass.

Live recording of Mendelssohn’s oratorio St. Paul

14th November 2009

“The Tatton Singers” MHP 1809

We recorded the latest concert given by the Tatton Singers accompanied by the Tatton Sinfonia on Saturday 14th of November at St Johns Parish Church in Knutsford. The concert, conducted by John Powell, was a complete performance of Mendelssohns oratorio St. Paul.

The soloists for the evening were Eleanor Gregory (soprano), Richard Dowling (tenor) and Richard Strivens (bass) and a double CD of the entire concert will be available before Christmas

To learn more about the choir and their concert schedule please visit their website at The Tatton Singers.

New project to record two more CDs for the British Army

5th November 2009

“Remembrance” MHP 1709

We have started work on yet another project with the British Army spending three days recording The Band of the Parachute Regiment based at Merville Barracks in Colchester.

The music recorded will be included in two CDs which will be issued in the new year, one of which, Remembrance, contains a selection of the traditional music associated with Remembrance Services. The recording aspects of the project will be completed when a further visit is made to Colchester in early March 2010.

 To learn more about the band and see the list of forthcoming engagements visit their website The Band of the Parachute Regiment