Location Equipment

Location Equipment
All of our location recording work is based upon the SADiE LRX2 Digital Audio Workstation. It has been designed to fulfil the needs of an ever more complex recording environment and to serve a wide variety of remote and location recording applications.

We have the ability to record up to 32 microphones inputs simultaneously using the LRX2.

We use a variety of different microphone types and models from established manufacturers to enable us to achieve our excellent quality recordings.

Our microphones include:

Royer SF24
Schoeps MK2
Royer R122
Neumann TLM103
Neumann KM184
Beyerdynamic M160
Oktava MK012

Additional equipment includes a Lexicon processor with monitoring via PMC TB1 monitors with AKG and Grado headphones.

When recording on location we always use a cue light and talkback system for easy communication between the Musical Director and Producer/Engineer.

Studio Equipment

Our digital editing studio is also based around the SADiE 6 DAW, running on a custom built audio computer. We use Focusrite converters and mic preamps linked to a Yamaha 01v96i mixing desk.

For facilitating our audio transfer and enhancement services, we have various DAT, minidisc, cassette, vinyl and tape machines.

Monitoring is via Harbeth M20 monitors and AKG and Grado headphones

In addition to the SADiE system we also make use of a selection of software and plugins by manufacturers such as Adobe, Wave Arts, Lexicon, Relab and iZotope.