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We will follow through your project from the recording stage through the editing/mastering process and finally CD production.

Artwork and Graphic Design

We utilise the services of a professional graphic designer who will help bring together your ideas for the artwork and provide you with a choice of options. The artwork is prepared with commercially approved software with full colour four/eight-page booklet, on-body printing and inlay card or to suit your specific needs.

Duplication or Replication

Although there is no minimum number in the CD manufacturing process we will give you advice about the most cost-effective option. Generally, CD numbers less than 500 are duplicated. Numbers over 500 are manufactured using a glass master and thereafter replicated.
We can manufacture any quantity of CDs for you from small runs to units of one thousand and more. This can include your own recordings which, if necessary, can be mastered and prepared for duplication or commercial production.

Licensing of the Product

Application is always made prior to CD production, to the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) for the relevant licence for the product. The principal role of MCPS, which is part of PRS for Musicis to collect money from music users in the UK by issuing licences in respect of the mechanical copyright in musical works. Again, we will always advise on the most suitable licence.
We have a number of prepared documents which provide useful information on the entire procedure. These will usually be sent to you in the initial stages.
Once the final artwork and audio PQ master have been approved we are ready for manufacture!

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