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Music House Productions offers professional audio recording services on location throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. With over twenty years experience in the audio recording industry we can advise you on your particular project and provide the answers in terms of requirement, location, time and cost.

Who do we record?

We specialise in recording:

  • Brass Bands
  • Military Bands
  • Wind Bands
  • Big Bands/Swing Bands
  • Orchestras
  • Choirs/Choral Groups
  • Solo Singers/Instrumentalists

We offer both ‘live’ concert recording, and ‘studio’ recording sessions. These final recordings can be delivered as digital WAV audio files or as a PQ master disc. Alternatively, they can be included as part of a complete production package which includes the preparation of the artwork and manufacture of the product either duplication or replication.

All our recordings undergo an extensive post-production process including digital editing, mixing and mastering of the product. They are undertaken by experienced production and engineering staff, all of whom are themselves, experienced musicians.

Where can we record?

Our recording studio is fully mobile and allows us to record virtually anywhere. It is always crucial to find a suitable recording venue and we provide advice and guidance to help you with this and also dispel many of the myths!

Audio recording of school and college groups is a speciality and the production of limited numbers of CDs not only serves as a valuable historical record but can be a useful fundraiser.

Please contact us for advice about your project and how we may be able to help you. More importantly, we will let you know the necessary details of how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Recording Of The Band Of The Parachute Regiment
CD Recording The Band Of The Army Air Corps
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