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Nyman Brass Wingates Band – MNRCD110


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Nyman Brass  
Wingates Band  
From The Ogre  
Knights at School 7.35
Child Bearer 3.33
Magic Forest 1.03
Goering’s Hunting Party 2.20
Abel’s Revolt 3.59
Meeting the Moose 4.37
Into The Woods 1.17
Abel Carries Ephraim 5.30
From The Libertine  
Upon Nothing 1.27
My Lord All-Pride 1.34
A Satire Against Reason 3.36
The Mistress 5.53
Against Constancy 2.47
Signior 2.07
A Satire against Mankind 2.50
In Don Giovanni 2.21
From The Draughtsman’s Contract  
Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherds 5.16
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