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“Richard Evans still beating”-MHP316-audio CD recording-online shop


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Richard Evans is undoubtedly one of the most flamboyant, colourful and talented musicians to grace the musical world for many years. He has excelled as a successful player, teacher, conductor, adjudicator and administrator.
Richard has recorded here an audio double album of his personal reflections of his life which form part of his newly extended autobiography “Richard Evans still beating”. This new book is to be published in May of this year.
The excerpts recall in fascinating detail his early family life as the son of a career soldier, his introduction to musical life and his involvement as a founder member of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. There a number of delightful tales of his experiences in Japan and many venues throughout the world where he has become so popular as a conductor and educator. He also recounts many of his escapades touring successfully with his Leyland and BNFL Bands.
Throughout the CDs Richard talks with his wonderful attention to detail and inventive humour particularly about his lifelong relationships with some of the greatest characters in his musical life .
The CD was launched on Sunday 17th of March 2019 when Richard joined Foden’s Band at Chorley Town Hall for “An Audience with Richard Evans”.

1. Introduction Lady Pam  
2. Introduction Richard Evans  
3. Early Family Life and India  
4. Wartime in Plymouth  
5. Leyland Golf Club and the Leyland British Legion Band  
6. National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and H.M.  
7. National Service Life and Black Dyke                       
8. Marriage and the move to professional musicianship  
9. Cecil Kidd and the Northern School of Music  
10. Salford teaching, the BBC and amateur operatics  
11. Wingates and The Open  
 Total Playing Time:   72.57    
1. From Faireys to the Leyland Vehicles challenge  
2. Recruitment and progress at Leyland  
3. Early Japanese musical experiences  
4. Japan, Gibraltar et al with Leyland  
5. Bach at Rothmans  
6. Success at The Masters  
7. Leyland’s demise leads to BNFL and the USA  
8. Home with Jack!  
Total Playing Time:    68.43    


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