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Them Basses-Leyland Band-MHP419


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‘Them Basses‘ is the latest recording from the  Lancashire based Leyland Band.
As the title implies the recording features the Band’s two principal tuba players, Chris Doran and  Bill Carter in fine solo performances of an eclectic mix of works ranging from Sandy Blair’s Tijuana Tuba to Leslie Condon’s wonderful ‘Celestial Morn’. The music of Paul Lovatt Cooper is also featured in his beautiful ‘Song for the Skies’.
In addition to the two principals there are quartet performances of music by, amongst others,  Eric Ball in addition to a fine arrangement of Mozart’s ‘Eine Kleine Nacht Musik‘.
Programme of Music

  1. Them Basses Getty Huffine Thomas Wyss 2.18
    The Sun Has Got His Hat On Noel Gay Philip Sparke Chris Doran 3.45
    Bombasto Hale A Vandercook IainMcKnight Bill Carter 3.27
    Introduction and Rondino Kenneth Cook Quartet 6.07
    Song For The Skies Paul Lovatt-Cooper Chris Doran 4.01
    Beautiful Colorado Stanley Boddington Thomas Wyss Bill Carter 5.01
    Quartet For Tubas Eric Ball Quartet 5.19
    Celestial Morn Leslie Condon Chris Doran 8.43
    The Agitator Greg Patmore Bill Carter 3.24
    Romanza from Concerto For Bass Tuba Ralph Vaughan Williams Phillip Littlemore Chris Doran 4.43
    The Impresario Domenico Cimarosa Thomas Wyss Quartet 2.51
    Tijuana Tuba Sandy Blair Bill Carter 3.30
    Bass In The Ballroom Roy Newsome Chris Doran 4.34
    Dumbo’s Dance Ron Gardner Bill Carter 3.20
    Carnival For Bass Fred Muscroft Chris Doran 5.08
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Wolfgang A Mozart Thomas Wyss Quartet 4.29
    Total Playing Time: 71.11  
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