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RM Band Collingwood recording

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We have spent three days this week in Fareham in Hampshire with the Band of His Majesty’s Royal Marines Collingwood. They were recording an eclectic mix of traditional music for a forthcoming CD.

The Band fulfils over 300 ceremonial and concert commitments every year principally in the south of England. Band members are talented multi-taskers, all playing two or more instruments and they perform in many formats from the conventional Military Band through Big Band to Rock and Pop ensembles. This is in addition to maintaining their military skills ready for deployment whenever they’re needed.

Albeit RM Band Collingwood are usually to be seen in the south of England, they have two concert performances in Yorkshire in early February. These are at Hull Minster and Huddersfield Town Hall and these performances include the ever-present Corps of Drums.

We are in the process of editing the recorded product in preparation for the CD launch.

You can learn more about the Band by visiting their website or via Facebook.

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